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Regardless if your loved one is in the early phases of dementia or has memory troubles for a different reason, household safety and security may be difficult. Quality Family Care has created some tips to make the house more secure for your loved one with the aid of proper home health care professionals.


Child-proof Entry Ways and Cupboards

In case your loved one has the tendency to wander or there are cabinetries that may hold anything you don’t want your loved one to have unlimited accessibility to, there are child-proof door handle covers and cupboard locks that you can set up. You may only wish to use them during specific times of the day or when your loved one is most likely to roam. In that situation, they’re quick and easy to take off and replace when you need to have them.


Store Household Chemicals and Cleaners

Household chemicals and cleaner fluids should consistently be kept somewhere that your loved one can’t gain access to. This is particularly accurate for any packages that look like something that’s comparable but safe. Cleaning materials, painting products, pesticides, and many other chemicals can all be stored in the basement/garage in a secured cabinet. If you must keep them inside, try keeping them in a storage room or cupboard that you can safeguard with a padlock.


Clear out the Freezer or Fridge Once a Week

If your family member or loved one has substantial memory concerns, occasionally that can encompass not recognizing that food items are not safe to consume. To prevent this complication from transforming into a major one, make it a point to check the refrigerator weekly without fail. You can also tag leftover food with the date that it was refrigerated to ensure that you keep better track of what should remain and what should be removed.


Do Routine Safety and Security Inspections

Performing a routine safety sweep of the whole residence can help you to identify issues before they get too serious. Clutter or overloaded outlets are a couple of issues that can crop up rapidly without you discovering it until you start to search for them. Set a routine time to examine the residence and to make sure that there isn’t anything hazardous hiding anywhere.


If you require additional assistance determining how to make your loved one’s house more secure, try speaking with a ‘s home health care specialist. They are experienced at finding hazardous conditions for loved ones with memory concerns.


If you or an elderly loved one are researching in-home Home Health Care Services in south Florida, contact Quality Family Care toll free to speak with one of our personalized representatives. Call today at 877-513-7156. Join the family that cares about quality home health care solutions.

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