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Hurricane season approaches us earlier and earlier every year. Now is the perfect chance for you to assess your aging parent’s needs and make purposeful adjustments to your home care plans to make certain that your loved ones stay as safe and healthy as achievable throughout unexpected emergencies such as severe weather and other natural disasters.


One circumstance that is necessary to prepare for is the likelihood that your elderly loved one will need to vacate their home prior to the storm. Evacuating makes certain that your loved one gets out of an area that is in danger of severe destruction, enabling them to stay safer and more protected during the possibly harmful scenario. In very serious circumstances your loved one’s area could be under a required evacuation order. If this occurs, your loved one must leave their residence and either go to another dwelling, such as yours or that of a different member of their care group, or to an emergency shelter. It is essential that if your loved one must go to an emergency refuge that they know what they should take with them and what to anticipate. This will enable them to stay protected, healthy, safe, and prevent issues from occurring.


Quality Family Care has created a list of things to bring along with them to the emergency shelter in the event of a mandatory evacuation:


Critical items. Providing an emergency kit is a vital part of getting ready for any type of unexpected emergency or disaster. This bundle should consist of several days’ worth of non-perishable meals and water, in addition to a first aid kit, personal hygiene and toiletry products, and additional garments. Store each one of these items in a protected, watertight canister that is easy to transfer so that your loved one can take their own items with them to the emergency refuge. This will not only guarantee that they know they come with what they require but will also relieve stress on the resources of the shelter.


Private documentations and papers. Make certain that your loved one has essential documents such as identification, contact details for you and other registered members of their home care services group, insurance details, and the deed to their residence. These will offer vital information in case your loved one needs to submit an insurance claim or look for health-related attention after the storm.


Family pets. If your loved one has animals, see to it that they transport them together when they travel. They must not leave their pets in a home that is at risk of serious destruction because of the storm, or that they may not have the ability to return to quickly. Understand that they may not have the chance to bring these pets into the shelter, but that substitute plans might be offered.


As you are placing plans into place for your loved one, it may be the perfect chance for you to consider initiating home care services for them. An in-home senior care specialist can be with your parent to help them recognize impending weather complications, make appropriate plans, and take essential actions to stay healthy and safe during the predicament. Understanding that they are there for your special someone can give you assurance that they are more secure as they age without you having to rush to their side immediately.


Are you or an elderly loved one considering home care services in south Florida? Contact our family owned and operated referral services to find the perfect match for your needs. Call Quality Family Care today 877-513-7156.

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