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Gobble Gobble! The Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us. The Fall season is filled with loads of fun stuff to do with your family. All ages can participate, and it gives your elderly loved ones something to focus on, and be creative, while spending a lot of quality time with family.

As we grow older there are plenty of challenges, so having a few days devoted to thinking about all the things you are grateful for including the people still around to care about is definitely worth it. So Quality Family Care has found some things to help you encourage that celebration together.

Let’s get the whole family in the spirit, devote some time these next few months to seasonal crafts. Arts and crafts are an amazing excuse to get together and have a lot of fun decorating and preparing for some much needed time with the ones you love the most.


Fan Folded Leaves1. Fan Folded Leaves

These lovely, simple crafts can be used to decorate any surface or be hung around the house in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. They can fill your home will the look of Fall leaves, without the mess of bringing in actual ones (although those can be lovely too).



A Fall Wreath2. A Fall Wreath

Make a wreath to hang on your door and greet any visitors that come to your home or room with Thanksgiving cheer. This one sticks to our theme of beautiful Fall wreaths, but if you want other options, you can click the arrow links to see a few more ideas in the slideshow. 



Paint Gourds3. Paint Gourds

Even if you already painted pumpkins for Halloween, there’s no reason not to replicate the tradition with different types of gourds for Thanksgiving. A popular option is to paint various gourds white, and then put a design or words on them.



Leaf Artwork from Real Leaves4. Leaf Artwork from Real Leaves

What’s fall without lots of different leaf-themed crafts? This one starts with a trip outside to find a number of beautiful fall leaves (try to find a bunch of different colors), then provides steps to turn those leaves into a larger work of art portraying one big leaf. 



Colorful Corn Husk Napkin Rings5. Colorful Corn Husk Napkin Rings

These napkin rings are made from polymer clay and and resemble corn husks in traditional fall colors. You can use the same craft idea to decorate in other ways – you can make larger husks to decorate your countertops or scatter them on your table on Thanksgiving day to add to the ambience.



Decorative Stick Candle Holders6. Decorative Stick Candle Holders

This is our second craft to involve an outdoor excursion, this time to collect short, narrow sticks. Once you have them, simply hot glue them onto a glass votive and voila, you have a seasonal candle holder. If you don’t want your loved one using real fire (or if it’s not allowed in their assisted living home), you can stick with artificial candles.



Rosemary Wreath Place Cards7. Rosemary Wreath Place Cards

These mini wreaths made of rosemary look nice and smell great to boot. You can use them as place cards on Thanksgiving as the link suggests, but you can also make use of them to decorate your home in the days leading up to the holiday. They can even become ornaments for your Christmas tree (although the scent won’t last through both holidays).


Arts and crafts aren’t the only thing you can do for the holiday season, but they can really help with setting the scene for the fun with your family and break the ice, especially with the little ones. The elderly loved ones in your life will enjoy all the time spent with family no matter what you choose to do.

Finding the Right Help for the Holidays.

Sometimes you need a little extra help, especially during the holiday season. If you are in need of in-home assistance take a quick look at our caregiving assessment checklist to help guide you regardless if you contact us directly or now. Our experts are standing by ready to help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Call Quality Family Care toll-free anytime at 877-513-7156.

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