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Here at Quality Family Care we understand and recognize the triggers that contribute to stress daily. If we could choose one way to help out family caregivers, it would be a way to relieve the stress brought on by everyday problems and replace it with a sense of calm purpose. So, in honor of all the hard-working caregivers we provide to our amazing clients, we would like to introduce to you some of the amazing tips that we like to utilize on a daily basis, especially when it seems like the stress is too much to handle.


Recognize Anxiety Triggers. What emotions cause your blood pressure to escalate? In some cases, stress is less related to exterior situations than it is to interior ones. Our thoughts impact our mood, which then influences our connections with others and with life itself. Altering those feelings to more encouraging ones can significantly affect your tension levels.


Take a Deep Breath. A family caregiver’s chaotic momentum of life does little to encourage a feeling of peace. Take a little time every day to loosen up, unwind, and take a deep breath or two with a calming moment of clarity where you gather yourself, and find some inner peace.


Find Delight in Your Surroundings. The amazing beauty of the environment around us is easy to neglect when we’re over-stressed. Open your eyes with a revitalized sense of marvel to the world around you and enable yourself to become completely engaged in experiencing nature and all the beauty it holds.


Don’t Forget to Care for Yourself. You may seem as though your amount of patience and empathy is decreasing when administering so much of it to the individual for whom you’re furnishing care for. Keep in mind, to keep a little patience and warm love for yourself and remember that you need care too.


Decrease the Stressful Drama. The psychological and emotional vitality exhausted by negativity, which include gossip and drama, can rapidly siphon your peaceful state of mind. Make a mindful attempt to seek out the company of people that can help make conversations positive and uplifting. Nobody needs a negative Nancy in their life.


Flotation Therapy. What exactly is Flotation? Floating is one of the latest trends in stress relief especially for nurses, caregivers, and in-home health care specialists. It isolates you from sound, light and gravity. These futuristic pods give you the ultimate relaxation and meditation foundation to help reset your stress levels, increase brain function, and replenish your mental levels, in fact, one 90-minute session could give you about 8 hours of R.E.M. giving you the chance to rejuvenate yourself on levels that most therapies can’t even touch.


For more interesting ideas and remedies, check out Dr. Gail Brenner’s tips for ways to find peace at any moment. Here’s a hint, they aren’t just for those working in the home health care industry.


If you or a loved one is seeking in home health options, Quality Family Care can help increase your peace of mind by referring a caregiver that is the perfect match for your needs. Call us toll-free at 877-513-7156. One of our specialists are standing by.

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