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Here at Quality Family Care we have seen this situation all too often. Wrongful treatment prescriptions, and procedures. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it is too easy for a doctor or physician to make a judgement call based on common ailments of senior citizens without doing in-depth research. Most of us depend on our doctors to know what they’re doing when they suggest a drug or a procedure. Nevertheless, just because a prescription medication or treatment method is frequently used as solution for a certain illness or condition doesn’t mean it’s always required, or even advantageous. That’s why we did some research of our own to help you take the right step when in this situation.


Choosing Wisely, a project established by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation, is going after excessive treatments by creating a list of factors that both physicians and patients should question. One typical treatment that tops the checklist is the use of dementia medications called cholinesterase inhibitors. Typically, these medications are utilized to prevent dementia progression and enhance cognitive functionality, but there isn’t much documentation of the drugs’ efficiency, and they may only be good for a very small percentage of individuals.


Follow this link for the new list from the American Geriatrics Society and ABIM study that identifies tests, medications, or procedures that seem to harm those in need instead of helping.


Don’t forget to research any additional information on everything from treatments and prescription medications to questions that are specific to physicians or patients. You could save a life.


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