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Staying Fit Emotionally and Physically in Your Senior years

Your loved ones should be inspired emotionally, socially, and physically to preserve health and to prevent depression and detachment. Listed below are some suggestions to get you considering other ways to create a closer connection – and motivate your loved ones to keep discovering, strengthening, and having a good time.

Exercise and Games

Chair Workout: You can create your very own, ask your physician, order special DVDs, or download workouts from online resources as a guide. Check out our blog on senior flexibility, staying fit and healthy!

Walks: Even when it is just a daily walk or perhaps ride in a wheelchair outside. The fresh air and transition of pace can make a substantial difference in emotional state and blood circulation.

Outings: Go on a shopping adventure, to the marketplace, or a preferred dining establishment, etc.

Hand Strength and Balance: Use things like therapy dough to boost creativity and help make the hands active and healthy.
Wii by Nintendo can offer low-impact adventures inside the house for mobility. Search for games or fitness Wii games that your elderly relative or friend may take pleasure in.

Music: You can get CDs from the public library to test out new music. Download Spotify or Pandora for them for access to plenty of free classic music they can enjoy.

Electronic Games: There are many free and stimulating games online as well.

Old Favorites: Backgammon, checkers, poker or rummy, 20 questions, trivia games, etc.

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