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Regardless of what you call him… Dad, Pops, Papa, Baba, Stepdad or Old Chap. Father’s Day is the best day to invest quality time with probably the most relevant man in your life, your father. To ensure the holiday is the very best it can possibly be for your Father, Quality Family Care has created a list of fun-filled things to do for Father’s Day this year.


All these adventures are sure to let your father know just how much he’s loved. To us there is nothing more important.


  1. Bowling. At 85 years of ages, William Lautenschlager was added to the record books as the oldest bowler to roll out a USBC-certified 800 series. Even as a senior, bowling is an enjoyable, easy indoor adventure that even the grandkids can take part in. A few games, a few hot dogs or hamburgers and a couple of strikes (or gutter balls) all amount to a fantastic Father’s Day adventure.


  1. Go to a Ballgame. A basketball, baseball, or football game is the ultimate father-child All-American pastime. If you don’t reside in an area with a professional team, find the closest minor league or second tier off season or local game. Watching and participating in sports games are a dynamic way to get close to your father for this special holiday.


  1. Fishing. An entire day on the pier with Dad reeling up an evening meal is an awesome way to enjoy the day. Each state park provides a range of outdoor adventures and many advertise excellent fishing. Check out to locate a park close to you. Park attendants can help you identify what gear you require, what fish are biting this time of year and the most effective bait choices to reel in the good fish to eat or throw back if that’s what you want!


  1. Board and Card Games. Take a seat with your father and enjoy some games that you took pleasure with together in your childhood years. Take some drinks and treats and make a day out of it. You could even incorporate a few of his friends for an old-fashioned poker party (gambling with real money optional).


  1. Story Time. Have him become your very own personal story teller this Father’s Day and discover something about Dad that you didn’t know before. Kick back, get comfy and ask him things about the experiences of his adolescence, his first motorcycle or his first romance. With his consent, consider videotaping the conversation for prosperity. It’s a little something you’ll treasure later, and he’ll take pleasure in your interest and enthusiasm.


  1. Go Golfing. Even playing a few holes is a fantastic way to spend quiet time with each other in some friendly competition while having some physical exercise as well. Is your father no longer in a position to swing the golf club? Choose a putt-putt or miniature course as an alternative. It’s a pleasurable, easy-pace game and you still get the quality time with your father on the “green”.


  1. Visit a Museum. On a scorching summer day, museums are often a terrific, air-conditioned choice. Regardless if Dad is into art, photography, history or sports, a well-balanced walk around his absolute favorite museum is quality time well spent.


  1. Go Have a Drink. Does Dad love his beer? Local breweries are appearing everywhere. can help you discover breweries close to your residence and most offer scenic tours and samplings. Not ever senior can or will drink. And some prefer a little whiskey or schnapps. Just remember to be safe, and never drink and drive. If your father has quit or was once or is an alcoholic. Maybe this option isn’t for you. Maybe just an Ice Cream, or Sundae adventure would be a suitable alternative. Great conversations happen over dessert just as much as they do over a beer!


  1. Search for Treasure. Do a little something that will take you both back to your younger years and search for unseen treasure! Regardless if you live near a coastline, a sizable field or a recreation area, scouring the area with metal detectors could be an interesting adventure and a fantastic way to invest some time outside (and maybe hit the jackpot).


  1. Get Technical. Internet use for elderly people is expanding at an accelerated rate. When your aging loved ones are proficient in the use of social media and email, they perform better cognitively and experience enhanced health and wellness. Many use social media sites and modern technology to connect the geographic gap between them and their family members or to reconnect with close friends from a very long time ago, decreasing isolation and solitude. Help your father set up a smartphone or tablet for Facebook, Skype and other social networking adventures.


  1. Watch Some Movies. If your father is a movie enthusiast, casual fan or perhaps just has restricted mobility, renting some classic movies is a fantastic way to take pleasure in the time you have together. Get comfortable, make some popcorn and watch John Wayne catch the bad guy, or Fred Astaire dance and sing the night away. You’ll be quoting dialog together and applauding the heroes right away.


Regardless of what tips for Father’s Day you select, dedicate yourself to hanging out with your dad. It will mean the world to both of you now and later down the road.


If you are searching for in-home assistance for your father, mother, or loved one, contact our friendly staff here at Quality Family Care toll-free 877-513-7156. We are a family owned and operated in-home heath and care-giving referral service.

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