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When you coordinate with an agency like Quality Family Care, you know that you will be teaming up with a well-known, local, family owned company that staffs only the most thoughtful, skilled home health caregivers. But not all companies offer the same degree of quality or compassionate caregivers. So how do you identify the most effective service during these challenging times? Quality Family Care has a few helpful ideas to guide you down this new path. You are not alone.


How do you recognize if the caregiver is really a suitable fit for your family member?


First off, a few essential key characteristics that any caregiver should be endowed with are integrity, accountability, dependability, and determination for his or her work. A caregiver must have the ability to take command of a situation and present wisdom in identifying which action is in the very best interest of your family member. If the caregiver assisting your loved one has these qualities, you can feel certain that the individual fulfills some of the most essential, fundamental guidelines.


Key Concerns

Now, let’s get more detailed about the communication between the caregiver and your family member. Listed below are a few key concerns to think about that will help you determine whether the caregiver is an effective match.


  • Does your family member feel at ease with the caregiver?
  • What are their thoughts?
  • Is the caregiver mindful to your loved ones needs?
  • Is the caregiver focused on enhancing the lifestyle of your loved one?
  • Does the caregiver show a desirable mindset and demonstrate over-all compassion with your loved one?
  • Is the caregiver reputable and does he or she show regular attendance and efficiency?


Identifying if a caregiver is appropriate could be difficult if your loved one is unable to comprehend or completely correspond viewpoints. Use your instinct to figure out if the caregiver is doing an excellent job taking care of your loved one or family member.


Look for signs that suggest your loved one may not be flourishing.

Have you observed any signs that your loved one is disengaging?


Surprise Visit

After thinking about the previously mentioned concerns, make a surprise visit when your loved one is being managed by the caregiver.


Throughout this visit, evaluate the care program with the caregiver. Is the caregiver complying with the plan? If not, why? There should not be any adjustments to the plan unless they have been authorized by you or another key individual associated with the loved one’s assistance.



Although it’s mainly about the connection between the caregiver and your loved one, the caregiver should also show solid interaction capabilities.


Does the caregiver properly interact with you or other family members of the loved one? Correspondence is a crucial part of an ongoing connection between the caregiver, company, and the family.


The Agency

The home health care agency takes a crucial part of the over-all situation. They oversee identifying, interviewing, performing background checks, employing, negotiating rates, compensating, and keeping track of the performance of their team members.


Does the home health care agency keep a close eye on their workers?

Premium quality checks are essential to make sure that the caregiver is offering suitable care based on the plan and is also in alignment with the agency’s criteria.



We trust these concerns will help you verify that the caregiver is the best match for your situation. Nonetheless, if you sense that the caregiver may not be ideal, it’s vital to get in touch with the agency immediately.


If you have questions about whether your caregiver is the perfect fit for you or your family member, we can really help. Get in touch with us at 561-242-9450, toll-free: 877-513-7156, or visit

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