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As explained by the Alzheimer’s Association, over 5 million individuals in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s. This disease is a form of dementia characterized by loss of memory and decrease of mental capabilities. The health-related issues worsen over time. It could be very challenging to watch a family member dealing with this disease. But seeking adventures that loved ones take pleasure in can bring enjoyment to them and their family members.


Involving a loved one in leisure activities or interests that gave them satisfaction previously can be a fantastic way to bring up memories, establish self-expression, and promote social bonds with other people. Bear in mind that Alzheimer’s does affect behavior and senses, so it’s essential to reestablish these activities slowly to prevent overwhelming the individual. That’s why Quality Family Care has created this list to help keep your loved ones active around the South Florida area.


Activities for Elderly with Alzheimer’s


Aside from choosing hobbies from the past, there are various activities that may bring enjoyment to loved ones affected by this disease. Although the seriousness of the disease may influence which activities they enjoy, remember that purposeful activities will be particularly useful because they enable the individual to make a difference, regardless of how small this little adventure may seem to you.


Quality Family Care’s Suggestions:


  • Enjoy a playlist of favored songs. Sing along and discuss the music.


  • Go for a stroll outside and take joy in nature. Promote the use of all senses to adsorb all the beauty of the outdoors. Try exploring the peaceful Morikami Japanese Gardens in Boca Raton or Flamingo Gardens in Broward County.


  • Participate in household activities that provide a sense of achievement.


  • Plant a small garden in the house or outdoors and water the plants. Identify plant growth and transformations.



  • Find easy recipes to cook or bake anything special that the he or she will appreciate.


  • Include them in social events, particularly with loved ones.


  • Browse old photo collections or watch family films, promoting discussion.


  • Take a walk, play catch with a ball, or sign up for tai chi. Physical activities are important for every person, including Alzheimer’s patients. Physical exercise helps men and women with Alzheimer’s to boost desire for food, mood and proper rest.


  • Take some time with animals. Dogs and cats can offer pleasure at a level that most Alzheimer’s patients naturally comprehend. Go to a pet store, take your pet, or ask about therapy pets.



Although there is no remedy offered for Alzheimer’s yet, continuous medical research study is revealing essential data that will lead to proper treatment in the future. In the meantime, family members can talk to medical staff about unique symptom treatments family members and caregivers can participate in relevant activities to motivate social interaction, a sense of achievement, and overall wellness. To learn more about helping a family member or loved one with Alzheimer’s, contact Quality Family Care’s toll-free at 877-513-7156.

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