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During the colder months of the holiday season finding elderly-friendly activities can be a challenge when the weather is colder than expected or unwelcoming for your senior family member. Quality Family Care prepared these winter activities for seniors guaranteed to add a warm glow and holiday cheer for everyone involved.

Fun Winter Ideas

On the lookout for some fun winter ideas to keep your elderly loved one active during these cold months here in Florida? Depending on their health condition and mobility, there is sure to be something listed below to help you make the most out of this season.

These senior activities should help keep the warmth flowing inside your heart and home.

1. Make some hot cocoa

Nothing fits the colder holiday season than the smell of hot cocoa in your home. Add a little peppermint to give it that seasonal twist. Sit and share stories from the past, or just listen to your loved one. A cup of tea is also a good alternative. This is your chance to connect and enjoy some quality time with your elderly loved ones and the kids too!

2. Cook something yummy

Start with a delicious family recipe, and move on to heathy treats like low sugar cookies, and baked goods. A quick online search will help you find healthy alternatives. By simply reading recipes, measuring, setting timers and participating in cooking is perfect stimulation and helps fight cognitive decline and memory loss with your elderly family member.

Is there a wheelchair involved to get around? Things that don’t involve standing around the stove are key. Try having them read the recipe, setting a timer, or stirring ingredients together on a low table. Also setting up a smaller prep table near the kitchen is a good idea.

3. Phone or video chat

When it’s cold outside, we have a tendency to spend a lot of time indoors. No need to feel isolated or trapped indoors. Take this time to reach out to family or friends who may live far away.

Facebook messenger or Skype lets anyone video chat using their laptop or smart phone, with an iPhone you can chat via Facetime with others iPhones. Regular video chat times with family or old friends is a great way to keep your elderly loved one active and alert.

Connecting with friends and family benefits your senior family members overall well-being. Giving them something fun to look forward to.

4. Create “Seasons Greetings bags”

Nothing warms the body up like staying active and being creative. Help show their community some love by creating some simple holiday gifts that can be passes out in the area. Help them with a project that makes a creative impact on the heart and community at the same time. Get your friends, family, and neighbors involved for a fun gathering too.

“Seasons Greetings Bags” are holiday gifts filled with helpful snacks, supplies, and beverages that can be handed out to homeless people around town or for individuals and families in the local shelter.

Low cost items you can purchase that go a long way:

  • Small snacks like granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks, or dry goods
  • Travel toiletries like toothbrush with toothpaste, deodorant, chapstick
  • Any helpful items like wet wipes, hats, and gloves are always appreciated
  • Warm adult socks are in high demand during colder months
  • Bottles of water or coconut juice for electro-lights
  • Gift cards for food or groceries are always welcome

Get your senior family member some cloth shopping bags and all the supplies you can get. For fun, they can create the “Seasons Greetings bags” and maybe write a nice note to for each one. Keep them in the car to hand out when you are traveling or simply around town on errands. Its a fun way to help while doing something great for those in need.

5. Moderate exercise

Get the blood flowing with easy exercises that you both can do at home. This is beneficial to older adults and can include activities like yoga, daily walks, swimming in a heated pool, or stretching while sitting in a chair or on the carpet.

Proper exercise is crucial to helping prevent illnesses that sometimes come with old age (like dementia, high blood pressure, back pain, and diabetes), boosting positivity and confidence. Moderate physical fitness helps with balance and coordination as well. This may assist with preventing household accidents like falls and slips too.

Why Is This The Best Time To Get In Home Assistance?

Everything from the weather, to the rapidly approaching holidays makes this the perfect time to reach out and start researching what you need. Your time is limited during these next few months. When finding a nursing home for your elderly loved one isn’t an option, or even on your radar, you need professional, insured, and reliable service to help keep your family happy, close, and comfortable. But before you go jumping the gun, there are ways to prepare. Take a look at our care-giving assessment checklist here. For the tools, and proper questions to ask, and info to have prepared when you are ready to take the next step. Don’t wait too long, the holidays sneak up on us fast, and before you know it, the new year has arrived. Let Quality Family Care help you make the next step as easy as possible.

A Company You Can Trust

If you have any question, concerns, or need reassurance about if our services match the requirements of your situation, call Quality Family Care toll-free anytime at 877-513-7156. You deserve the best quality care that your family can find. And we are here to help.

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