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In honor of Nation Nurses Week, Quality Family Care has compiled a list of reasons why nurses are incredible. These nurturing professionals have one of the most difficult and worthwhile jobs out there. Here’s a shout out to all the nurses everywhere… You are amazing!


Nurses are probably the most devoted professionals in the healthcare industry, offering peace of mind, relief and much needed care to those who need assistance. Quality Family Care wanted to give some love back to all those extraordinary men and women who chose to become a caring specialist. If you didn’t need persuading already, keep reading about the incredible altruistic work of nurses.


  1. Nurses are incredibly intelligent

Being a nurse isn’t an easy undertaking. Nurses are required to have a college or university degree, and many move on with the greatest of ease to specialties or even obtaining their masters. Many nurses continue to broaden the knowledge base in their industry by going to workshops, seminars and programs.


  1. Nurses conserve your very existence

Medical facilities would not operate without nurses. They are the initial point of contact when facing a patient and offer the preliminary analysis of a patient’s disorder. Physicians rely heavily on nurses for essential details about each patient, and their expertise and medical knowledge offers the basis of analyses and ensuing treatments.


  1. Nurse have remarkable people skills

Nurse practitioners do their best to treat all patients and their loved ones with regard, soaking up their concerns and fears, and even utilizing humor as a way of balancing out any depression.


  1. Nurses have no problem getting their hands messy

admit it, patients can be untidy. Nurses tackle the role of aiding them every step of the way – regardless if it’s diaper changes for senior patients or providing someone a bath or shower.


  1. Nurses make men and women feel secure

When going into a hospital or medical establishment, the first man or woman you come across will be a nurse. Regardless if you’re being admitted or prepping to visit a doctor, nurses are the preliminary point of contact and are there to respond to concerns and relieve worries.


  1. Nurses have limitless stamina

If you think a 9 to 5 can be exhausting, try switching roles with a nurse. Many nurses perform 10-12-hour shifts with very little breaks in between. Even after endless hours, nurses manage themselves in a professional and caring way assisting patients, so they heal much faster.


  1. Nurses are levelheaded in high pressure situations

Proficient in how to behave in case of an emergency situation or worse-case circumstance, nurses are calm when it pertains to pressure.


  1. Nurses are team players

With ever-changing work schedules that consist of new doctors and personnel, nurses are specialists at working as part of a team. When unexpected circumstances occur, nurses unite in order to help those in need and guarantee that patients obtain the best practical treatment.


  1. Nurses are extremely coordinated

With lots of patients coming in through a hospital or medical facility’s entrances, nurses are accountable not only for looking after the patients but ensuring that all their documentation is in order. Nurses must monitor a multitude of individuals, guaranteeing that they acquire the appropriate care at the proper time – like when to consume medicine or have their blood checked.


  1. Nurses are flexible

Every day brings a fresh set of personalities and health problems, all of which nurses handle with elegance and assuredness. They need to shift gears continuously from working closely with patients to medical professionals and doing office work.


These are just 10 reasons why nurses rock! To be honest, we could go on for a while. But who has time to read 1000 reasons why Nurses are the “Bee’s Knees”.


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